• Do you want an Automated Income Stream?
  • You’re an Entrepreneur or a Holistic Practitioner with minimal tech skills
  • You’re a Show Host and Require another Income Stream
  • You’re a Speaker that Requires a Product to Sell from Stage or on a Telesummit
  • You have Training Classes or Students and need a Workbook or a Program
  • You have IP you want to Get Out Online and you need Everything Pulled Together
  • AND You want it all ‘Fast Tracked’
NOW You don’t have to worry about the “HOW”!
slide-5Marlene Allen
“The Automated Income Expert
for Conscious Entrepreneurs!”

Hi, I’m Marlene Allen and I’m “The Automated Income Expert for Conscious Entrepreneurs!”

Why should we work together to turn your Products & Services into Digital Products or Programs?

  • 85-95% Profit Margins
  • Hard Costs can be Less than 5%
  • 20-50 time Markup
  • Same Product Can be Sold an Unlimited Number of Times
  • 24/7 Sales – 365 Days a Year
  • Multiple Streams of Income
  • Quick Manufacturing Lead Times
  • No Employees Required
  • Competitors Face a Time Consuming Effort to Duplicate
  • Have a Product to Sell on Teleseminars to Their List
  • Build Higher Equity & Cash Out of Your Business
  • Work from Anywhere
  • Build your Own Customer List
  • Market to Other Peoples Lists
  • Sales Funnels Automated for Delivery & Follow Up
  • Repeat Sales
  • Referrals