Conscious Speakers, Celebrities, Experts, Authors, and Coaches who want to reach the masses to drive millions of people to their ideas, programs, products and services will crave this experience….

The INTERVIEW Positions you as the Expert in your Field.

Your Interview is Used for:

  • A Lead Magnet for List Building for your Website Sales Funnel
  • A Saleable Product: to Sell on your Website or at Events
  • Builds Rapport with Potential Clients, Positions you as the Trusted Authority
  • Get Speaking Gigs: Give to Teleseminar and Live Event Producers

TOP 10 Reasons to be Interviewed on a Teleseminar or Webinar:

  1. A shared series allows you to reach your target customer through the lists of other speakers all mailing to their databases. 6 speakers = 5 times your reach, or 500% more prospects
  2. Allow you to provide useful information to prospects at no cost to you or them
  3. A form of free publicity
  4. Add “As Featured on” in your sales pieces
  5. Position speakers as authority figures with an audience that is now proactive, participating with you rather than reactive as a name on your list who just reads your emails.
  6. More effective in many ways than a live seminar and at far less cost
  7. A recording of the interview can be used on your website in your sales funnel
  8. Show your recorded presentation to other producers to get on their teleseminars
  9. Use the interview as part of a digital product you can sell on your website
  10. LEVERAGE – Talk to Unlimited attendees at the same time, promote a digital downloadable product over and over and over again

If you can’t get on a teleseminar or webinar series yet because you don’t have a big enough list, or a downoadable product, then “We’ll Interview You!” schedule-session