Full Vitality Tune-up ‘Dynamism’ on live stream!

In this One live hour training with a complete home study guide powerfully attunes all the body’s natural energy and power centers, clearing away blocks and restoring vitality and potency!

You’ll learn:

  1. How to increase energy levels
  2. Improve adrenal health
  3. Direct the quantum field for natural energy boosting

Included is the Dynamism Chapter from Your Divine Human Blueprint book and powerful renewal meditation: Restores the 15 power and energy sources of the human Blueprint. Life saving and energizing.

Want to have Super Vibrant, Happy Energy again? This incredible meditation clears the aura and chakras of negative and excess energy and restores the energetic body to a clean and healthy state. Men and women alike will benefit from the in depth clearings found here.

Enroll me NOW!

“I Love you so much and every day I feel profoundly grateful and thankful to have come across YOU and your AWESOME work. As the saying goes : when there is a will there a way I know in my heart and feel that I am different in many ways and I know that the effect of these meditations is cumulative and I feel very blessed. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Dynamism has been particularly triggering a bunch of emotions when I go through the mediations. Dynamism makes me cry so much. I really love and feel my Golden Rings. I grew up as a catholic and as a child I was always intrigued by pictures of saints having golden rings. I often wondered during my childhood age including my primary school years whether I could also have those amazing Rings. Thank You so much for confirming this intuition. I am greatly enjoying this meditation. What more can I say if not that yes I am in the Garden of Eden!!!!…and I just can’t get enough of it…Heartfelt appreciation and gratitude!”
Much love, Marie Ippodimonte

“Recharge from stress, overwhelm, and burnout. I LOVE this guided meditation!”
Warmest Regards, Robin Matthews RN ND

“My Warmest Thank You dear Julie Renee for your attention and for the Light Love Consciousness and Magic you bring to Us and to the entire Universe Treasures & Wonders to you”