Keys to a Successful Holistic Business

Keys to a Successful Holistic BusinessFind Your Identity and Do Not Try to Be Everything to Everyone

One of the most common characteristics of the most successful Holistic practitioners is that they all have created an identity and a reputation that are specific to their style of practice. It could be a focus on healthy aging and memory for example.  More importantly, know what you are not, and do not lose focus on that.  Find what works for you, and build around that.

When you identify your clinical passion and treatment style, your marketing efforts, website and social listings should match that focus.

Atmosphere Is Key

A patient’s experience begins as soon as he or she enters a Holistic practitioners’s office. A courteous and warm greeting by staff often makes the biggest and most lasting impression. Smart decor and soft music make a big difference, but a positive and warm atmosphere starts with the attitude of the leadership. The rest of the staff take their cues from the practitioners.

Be Comfortable With Sales

Be comfortable with “selling yourself” and the exchange of your services for money. Any business is about selling and delivering a high-quality product, which in our case is ourselves. All Holistic practitioners are selling themselves (their clinic, the staff, their appearance, the ability to help a patient, etc) to existing and prospective patients. We often have to “sell” or motivate patients to buy into challenging lifestyle changes and treatment plans. The sooner you become comfortable with this aspect of their business, the sooner you will reap the benefits of a thriving practice.

Embrace the Future

Many Holistic practitioners use Facebook and Twitter to promote their practice and professional services. Many more patients are looking online and on social media. A web presence is esential to grow a practice and build a business.

Paul Hrkal, ND is a board-certified naturopathic physician and is an active member of the Naturopathic Doctors of Ontario.

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